With the SpinePlanner we provide a planning platform for the instrumentation of posterior lumbar spinal fusion. This entails tools and services to determine suitable pedicle screw length and diameter and assessments on screw stability and mechanically induced screw loosening.

How To Use the SpinePlanner

Case Creation

Create a new case in your SpinePlanner account simply by uploading a CT volume and specifying the vertebral levels to be fused.

24 Hours

We create instrumentation planning for the case and conduct initial screw stability assessment


An interactive environment provides the tools to modify the instrumentation as appropriate

Review the instrumentation

Including screw type and positioning, as well as the outcomes of the screw stability assessment.

Virtual Stability Assessment

A multi-domain simulation engine assesses screw stability of the current instrumentation

[Some image / Screenshot of review
results window / Image of FE-model]

Export report

Upon satisfactory planning, the instrumentation configuration along with the findings of the virtual stability assessment can be exported in a comprehensive report

SpinePlanner App

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