A Planning Software for Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery

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Our Mission

We believe that the key insights we have gained in the Spine Lab on the biomechanics of posterior spinal fusion have the potential to improve patient care in a tangible way. We want to bring our subject knowledge from the lab to the OR.

Our Objective

Currently, in critical decisions regarding suitable instrumentation configuration and potential bone cement augmentation, the surgeon is provided with limited information about the specific case, rendering optimal decision-making difficult. With the SpinePlanner, we aim to provide a planning platform and quantitative metrics to support the surgical decision-making process, improving the workflow in and around the OR and ultimately reducing postoperative clinical complications.


In the past years, we studied the biomechanics of spinal fusion in the lab, in the clinic and established theoretical frameworks for computational modeling.

About SpinePlanner

The SpinePlanner provides a platform for posterior lumbar spinal fusion instrumentation planning based on a CT of the patient. After CT upload, the surgeon can specify the lumbar vertebra levels to be instrumented, upon which we will provide the appropriate instrumentation configuration along with a summary of the results of the screw stability evaluation within 24 hours. The surgeon can review the plan in a user-friendly interface, adjust where necessary and request further screw stability assessment based on the updated configuration. Upon completion of the refinement, a summary report can be downloaded, easing both administrative load and communication among the surgical staff.

The SpinePlanner and all related services are currently provided for research and evaluation purposes only!
None of the included features and services are intended for clinical use! All services are free of charge.

Contact Us

We are thankful for any feedback on the tool and we are actively looking for collaboration partners. Please address thoughts and enquiries to our email below or directly via the messaging board below.

Give us your feedback info@spineplanner.com

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